Kon School? (Bengali: কোন স্কুল?, meaning "Which school?") is a system that recommends a secondary school based on user's preferences and school data. The user gives student data (age, sex, class (grade), location, guardian's profession) as input. The user also compares pairs of criteria and gives each pair a relative linguistic value. Then the system

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I am very grateful to Dr. Mohammad Rashedur Rahman sir, Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North South University; and our honorable instructor of the Fuzzy Logic course (CSE470). He mentored my group on this project and made sure our research work got published in a Springer journal and presented at a prestigeous conference .

I would also like to thank my groupmates — N.S.M. Rezaur Rahman, for his works in the development of the original mathematical model, on which the current model is based; and Abdullah-Al Nahian Siraj, for his cooperation with finding related research papers.